[vpnc-devel] vpnc: Restore previous DNS settings when disconnected?

Thomas Bettler bettlert at student.ethz.ch
Thu May 5 00:57:29 CEST 2005

Hm, maybe there was something misconfigured with resolvconf package (or 
dependencies). Don't know what...

One question I have though:

If resolvconf is not included, is there native support for debian packages?
Is vpnc natively installed or did you get it as debian package, too?

Fine if it works. Enjoy it.

Am Donnerstag 05 Mai 2005 00:45 schrieb Edward Mendelson:
> Thomas,
> PROBLEM SOLVED! Your scripts work perfectly if I *remove* resolvconf
> from the system! Resolvconf is NOT part of the default Ubuntu
> installation. I installed it via the Ubuntu package manager because I
> thought it could help solve the problem with dns. But your scripts solve
> the problem IF resolvconf is NOT installed.
> To make this more clear:
> The Ubuntu versions of vpnc-connect and vpnc-disconnect do NOT add the
> correct nameserver information when connecting or disconnecting tothe
> VPN. Your scripts work perfectly if resolvconf is NOT present.
> Does this help with plans for a fixed version?
> Thank you again for those scripts. They solved this problem perfectly.
> Edward

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