[vpnc-devel] Asking for patch merge

Davide Pucci d.pucci at i-node.it
Fri Nov 17 10:51:19 CET 2017

Hi all. 
I'm Davide Pucci, systems engineer and developer at I-Node S.r.l.. 
I got in contact with VPNC source code as I needed to make it read and load connection credentials via command line, obfuscating them in ps - or similar - process view. 
So, I wrote a patch that: 

    1. firstly allow the group secret and the user password to be passed in command line in argv 
    2. secondly, included a new field in config_name_s struct to include an integer needsEncryption field, passed in config_names array, to trigger eventual obfuscation of field in process argv 
    3. finally, in argument parsing phase, if a field asks for encryption (obfuscation) via needsEncryption field, I populate the config value pointer with a new one, referencing a new memory location containing the original argv[i] pointing value, and replace argv[i] pointing value with a random string. 

The full patch is sent as attachment. 
I'm writing this just to know if there's a way to officially ask for this to be included in mainstream branch. 
Waiting for any feedback. 

Davide Pucci. 


Davide Pucci 
Systems and Software Engineer 
Mob: +39 348 923 7278 
Tel: +39 06 5960 2069 
Fax: +39 06 5960 6185 
Email: d.pucci at i-node.it 

I-node s.r.l. 
We build you® .biz 
Via Laurentina, 86 - 00142 Roma (RM) 
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/i_node 
Sito Web: http://www.i-node.it 
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